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Official Calendar MotoGP 2019
Series Circuit Country Date Time
1 Losail Qatar 18 Maret Finish
2 Rio Hondo Argen09 April Finish
3 The Americas USA 23 April Finish
4 Jerez Spain 06 May Finish
5 Le Mans France 20 May Finish
6 Mugello Italy 02 June Finish
7 Barcelona Catalunya 16 June Finish
8 Assen Netherlands 30 June Finish
9 Sachsenring Germany 7 July Finish
10 Bmo Czech 4 Agust Finish
11 Red Bull Austria 11 Agust Finish
12 Silverstone Britania 25 Agust Finish
13 Misano San Marino 15 Sept 7:00 PM
14 Aragon Spain 22 Sept 7:00 PM
15 Chang Thailand 6 Okt 2:00 PM
16 Motegi Japan 20 Okt 12:00 PM
17 Island Australia 27 Okt 11:00 AM
18 Sepang Malaysia 03 Nov 2:00 PM
19 Ricardo Valencia 3 Nov 6:30 PM
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